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How to Clean Silk

You invested in top-quality silk bedding or clothing, and then you went and spilled something on it! Or your dog threw up all over it. Now what?

Cleaning silk without ruining it is possible if you follow these simple guidelines:

  • Always use a mild soap and cool/lukewarm water when washing silk.
  • Never, ever use bleach.
  • Wash silk in a washing machine only if it has a safe-for-silk cycle labeled gentle or delicate. If it doesn't, wash by hand or take it to a dry cleaner.
  • Dry silk in a dryer only if it has an air-only setting. Not all of them do, and it takes only a few minutes to reach a high enough temperature to damage fine silk.
  • Whenever drying a silk garment on a drying rack, check for dyes and finishes that could cause stains.
  • Avoid drying silk in direct sunlight, because this can damage the fiber and cause the color to fade.

How to Wash Silk:

Whether washing by hand or in your washing machine's gentle/delicate cycle:

  1. Wash silk in lukewarm water with a mild soap such as Ivory Snow™ or a gentle shampoo.
  2. Rinse well.
  3. Add ¼ (one-fourth) cup of white vinegar to a clean rinse and rinse again. This will neutralize any soap residue and restore the silk's natural luster.

Stains - How to spot clean silk:

Use a product such as Silk Spot Out™ to remove stains when cleaning silk. Food and beverages can leave stains if allowed to dry, so for best results treat them right away.

How to Dry Silk:

The heat from a dryer is hard on silk, so if you use your dryer, we recommend the "air fluff" (no heat) setting. Be sure to remove it promptly!

If your dryer does not have an air-only setting, dry it the natural way: Lightly squeeze (do not wring), then roll the item in a towel and lay flat to dry.

How to iron silk:

Press your silk inside out with a warm iron when needed.

As with everything else, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Silk will last a long time if given the proper care!

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