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Organic Tussah Silk Blankets

Incredibly soft, plush fleece. Must FEEL to believe!

Silk Fleece Blankets

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Camel or Pink only
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Tussah silk blankets
Tussah is also called "Peace silk" or "Eco silk" because no worms are harmed in the production

If you thought silk blankets were smooth and shiny, you will be pleasantly surprised by this soft, fuzzy, plush version. Tussah is a deluxe grade of "raw" silk, which has more of a "wooly" quality. These incredible blankets look like fleece, but are much softer. As a bonus, Tussah silk blankets also have some wonderful health benefits.
Available in natural, blue, pink, or camel.

Notice how beautifully Tussah silk dyes, with colors slightly muted by the soft undertone of beige.

Why choose silk blankets?

  1. Silk holds in warmth while letting your skin breathe. As one customer who bought our silk blanket says, "This finally solved the too hot/too cold problem of my other bedding."
  2. Silk is a purely natural animal protein containing amino acids, which can retard aging of skin and speed up wound healing. It can promote healthy cell metabolism. Silk can even make life easier for those who suffer from skin diseases.

There are many varieties and grades of raw silk. The type in our silk blankets is the highest grade of raw silk. It's created by Tussah caterpillars in the wild in tropical or semi-tropical regions. Their silk is not gathered until after the moth emerges, therefore it has earned the names "peace silks" and "eco silks" because no larvae or pupae are harmed in the processing.

Why choose Tussah?

Tussah silks are generally stronger and more resilient than cultivated "white" silks, because Tussah caterpillars eat many kinds of different tree leaves rich in tannin. This causes their silk to be beige- to brownish-toned.

Wild Tussah silk fleece bedding is ideal for everyone, from newborn babies and children to adults to the elderly. No matter what the age, a silk blanket makes a wonderful gift. Buy one for yourself and one for someone you care about!

Wild Tussah caterpillars thrive in
tropical or semi-tropical forests
and are organically raised. Their
silk is gathered after the moth

(This type of silk does not have the polished sheen normally associated with silk. So if you prefer smooth "satin silk" check out our exquisite silk duvet comforter sets.)

Silk Blanket Care Instructions:

Dry-cleaning is recommended for best results. Our raw silk blankets can be washed by machine in cold water as long as your washer has a gentle, delicate, or silk cycle. Do not use bleach. After machine-washing your raw silk blanket will need to be fluffed in the dryer on air-only or low heat to return to its original shape.

However, when it comes to washing and drying silk blankets, some machines are more gentle than others. This is why, if there is any doubt on your part, SimoSilk recommends having your silk blanket professionally dry-cleaned.

I washed the silk blanket this weekend in my front loading washer on delicate and dried it (also on delicate). It washed beautifully. To my surprise there was very little lint in the lint trap of the dryer after it was done. It did not shrink or change color, no pilling either! This is a wonderful product and I will certainly be purchasing more of them from you. This finally solved the too hot/too cold problem of my other bedding. óBarbara G of Bonita, CA

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