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Deluxe Silk Pillows for Bed or Travel

Filled with pure, high-grade mulberry silk fibers. Cradle your cranium with real silk!


100% mulberry silk pillow filled with top-grade silk floss with a cotton shell.
Silk Pillow
(reg. $168)
Add silk sham
for only $32!
19.5" x 27.5" 
2.97 lb.
Silk Pillow
(reg. $198)
Add king silk sham
for only $42!
21" x 36"
3.63 lb.
SALE! Travel-size
Silk Pillow + Red Silk Case
(reg. $67)
Silk Pillow + Ivory Silk Case
(reg. $67)
Silk Pillow Without Case
(reg. $47)
16" x 10"
Our silk-filled pillows have a cotton shell and needs a protective pillowcase or sham, not included unless noted.
Add a luxurious 19-momme silk pillow sham in ivory or red wine.

When is a luxury pillow not a luxury? When you think about how many hours your head will be on that pillow every single night for years, why would you choose a synthetic pillow?

Our standard-size silk pillows contain nearly 3 pounds of silk. This makes them perfect for customizing the pillow loft to your liking. If you like to bunch your silk pillow, it stays nicely bunched, unlike down feathers or synthetics. The feeling of this much silk under your head is quite extraordinary!

Silk bed pillows are also the perfect choice for those who prefer a cooler temperature under their head. Silk does not retain heat to the same degree as other fabrics.

We highly recommend choosing the king-sized silk pillow, which has well over 3-1/2 pounds of silk. You can twist it into a C shape to get maximum comfort, or use it as a body pillow plus it's the best value!

Why choose silk pillows?

Some say the silk fibers help with allergy problems. Others swear by silk pillows because the fibers don't heat up or become compacted like regular pillows. Still others choose silk because it's a fantastic alternative to synthetic fiber-filled pillows.

Silk Pillow Care Instructions:

The silk fiber fill of the pillow is not washable and should not be removed from its silk or cotton shell. A pillow case (not included) is necessary to protect the shell.

Momme (m/m): A Japanese measurement of mass equivalent to 3.76g (approximately). It is used to indicate the weight per unit area of silk fabric, this being expressed as the weight in momme of a length of degummed fabric 22.8 M in length and 3.8 cm in width.