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Why it's smart to buy your silk from SimoSilk:

You have many choices when it comes to where you buy your silk bedding, and it's SimoSilk's mission to help you make an informed decision.

After all, silk is a premium product with many price points and varying levels of quality. You don't want those nagging doubts of whether you received a fair price after such a major bedding purchase.

Here is the first thing you must know before you make the decision to buy any silk product:

1. What does momme mean?

North Americans are accustomed to judging luxury bedding by threadcount.

The problem is, threadcount isn't used to measure quality of cultivated silk. It is much too finely woven to be able to count the threads. That's why the Asian method of mommes, which calculates weight, is used to measure quality. The higher the number of mommes, the heavier the silk. The heavier that cultivated silk is, the higher the quality will be.

Unfortunately, some silk websites make a handsome profit by neglecting to mention the weight of their products in mommes.

Whenever mommes are not mentioned or found only in the fine print, expect the silk to be of the lowest quality, like habotai.

Therefore, before a purchase, ask:

2. What is the type of silk?

Those in the know take momme weight AND type of silk into consideration before attempting to compare prices. The highest quality is charmeuse. (Habotai silk is fine, as long as you're not paying charmeuse silk prices for it!)

Vote with your wallet for fair silk prices!

As a responsible direct importer, SimoSilk seeks to educate consumers on such things as the importance of mommes vs. threadcount so you can make an informed choice when buying silk bedding. Read our Frequently Asked Questions About Silk Bedding for some facts to get you started.

Shop and compare arm yourself with knowledge and when you're ready to buy silk bedding, you'll know where to find the best quality silks at great prices:!

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